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The Gathering
(Wet Spot in Paradise)
August 30th to September 5th
Held at The Longhouse in Redmond, WA.

A Short Drive down a small hill into Paradise. A Short drive down a small hill can mean something to someone or anything to anyone, but to many it has meant fond memories of The Gathering-Wet Spot in Paradise which is only a short time a way.

A community, a place where you can be your self, a place where the Wet Spot steps outside its physical walls and comes together with the Longhouse as one community. A dream that started four years ago and continues today.

The Longhouse opens it doors, its heated swimming pool, its two hot tubs, flush toilets, hot showers, beautiful campsites, a place where we can hold extraordinary workshops, entertainment, and three meals a day.

Workshops feature the following instructors: Bridgett Harrington, Adam Jarvey, Jim Duvall, Leilani, Linda Young, Susan Hoover, Mark Silver, Tim Murray, Kathleen, and Jonn Ireland and more.

Entertainment includes Karaoke, a Night in the Pool with a DJ, a Strip Tease Contest with a Talent Show, Human Chess Games, Movie Night with a 10 foot screen and surround sound, Campfire night with s'mores and Memories you create on your own.

Relaxation is just around the corner and something you deserve.

A Special Invite to all: We will be holding an opening Unity Ceremony on Tuesday Night, August 30th. All who identify with any alternate lifestyle community are invited to attend free of charge whether you are planning to attend the Gathering or not. The Ceremony will begin at 7:00PM.
Following the Ceremony, Bridgett Harrington will be instructing "Introduction to Asian Aesthetic Bondage" free of charge to those who attended the Ceremony.

Advanced registration is $35 for each day you wish to attend.
Registration at the gate during the event is $40 per day. If you wish to advance register for The Gathering-Wet Spot in Paradise you may do so until August 25th by contacting taliGLM@yahoo.com or by going to the website at www.thegatheringwsip.com. You may mail advance registration applications to the following address:

Wet Spot - The Gathering Application
4714 Ballard Ave NW, M309
Seattle, WA 98109
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